Rock-cut Monastery in Inceğiz (No.1 – No.3)
Three clusters of rock-cut spaces in the massive rock outcrops of the Karasu Valley on the way between Metrai and Sergentzion display a multilevel layout. The complex includes a large transverse-nave church, a domed cruciform church, a hermit cell with extant wall paintings, several rooms arranged on different levels, and sheepfolds.

The so-called Monastery of St. Nicholas
The rupestrian complex, only 600 meters from the fortified settlement of Medeia (Kıyıköy), consists of a barrel-vaulted three-aisled basilica surrounded by an ambulatory, an hagiasma, a burial chamber, and a hermit cell. The spatial characteristics and epigraphic and art historical evidence indicate that the site was primarily designed and arranged around a pilgrimage activity. In the mid-19th century, the complex was restored and re-established as a monastery dedicated to St. Nicholas.