Skopelos (Yoğuntaş)
Skopelos, Eski Polos or today Yoğuntaş, 22 km northwest of Kırklareli, is a primary local center near the northwestern border of the Empire, founded as a heavily fortified settlement and a suffragan of Adrianople in the 8th century. The city walls enclose a 4 ha area that housed a continuous occupation in the Middle and Late Byzantine periods until the shift of the settlement following the Ottoman conquest in 1373.

Kuzulu (Rock-cut Hermitage and Fortified Settlement)
The rock-cut hermitage is located on the southern slope of the same hill, arranged in two terraces. The carved rooms of the upper terrace include a single-nave church with extant furniture and a three-niched burial chamber that provides a connection to the lower terrace. The lower level features a series of artificially enlarged natural caves that can be identified as living cells.The fortified settlement occupies a rather isolated small hill at the northern end of a valley to the north of Kuzulu Village, some fifteen km away from Kırklareli, covers a roughly rectangular area, measuring 110 to 55 meters.