Maximianoupolis – Mosynoupolis
Maximianoupolis, an important city in the Thracian plain, was already a bishopric in the 6th century. A centrally planned church has been excavated within the fortified area, consisting of a hexagonal domed core surrounded by an ambulatory and containing a tripartite sanctuary and a narthex with a baptistery. A staircase in the south side of the narthex points towards a second floor; it has been proposed that the gallery was further extended above the ambulatory. A coin found under the floor of the building that survived in very good condition dated the construction to the 11th century.

Stone Bridge of Kompsatos
The bridge stands near the modern-day village of Polyantho (also having a Byzantine castle), where the river Kompsatos, coming from the Rhodope mountains, meets the Thracian plain. The bridge, dated to the 15th century, was three-arched (today only the middle and eastern survive) with a direction from West to East. The middle arch was the highest, reaching 12m.

Ancient City of Anaktoroupolis
West of the modern-day village of Nea Peramos rises a castle identified as the Byzantine city of Anaktoroupolis. The city is mentioned in the sources as early as the 10th century. Its importance increases during the 14th century under the ruling or two brothers, Alexios and Ioannes (later primekerios and protosevastos respectively), who initially as mercenaries of the emperor and later on their behalf, manage to reoccupy several castles from the Turks and Serbs.

Mt. Menoikeion, Monastery of Timios Prodromos
The monastery is situated 12 km NE of Serres. Founded around 1270-1278 by Ioannikios, a monk from Mount Athos and later restored, by his nephew Joachim, who also became a monk by the name John. The katholikon with several construction phases especially from the 13th, 14th, and 16th centuries is considered as the building of Joachim, and it dominates the courtyard. Cells for the monks, storage rooms, the refectory and kitchen, a hospital and a guest house, a gate, and a tower are placed around the courtyard.